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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Getting a Quote 

What information do you require to provide a quotation? 
In order to provide an accurate quotation we require the following:

  • Your details – Name, company, e-mail, telephone number
  • Equipment requirements – Details of the items you require, quantities etc.
  • Rental term – How long do you require the equipment?
  • Delivery -Where do you require it?

Based on this we should be able to provide an accurate costing for your requirements including delivery & collection costs.

Who can rent from Rent IT?
Rent IT is a business IT supplier. We cannot provide rental to private individuals (including students) as our credit licensing does not cover this. We can however supply to business type organisations and our customers can include the following.

  • Self Employed and Freelance
  • Small Businesses and Partnerships
  • Charities
  • Public Bodies (Schools, Councils etc)
  • Limited companies

What IT equipment can I rent?
We supply a wide range of IT products. As we are primarily IT orientated we do not tend to get involved in large scale AV equipment. However if you require a mixture of IT and AV equipment we work with a number of other companies and we may well be able to put together a package for you. 

What if I don’t see what I require?
If the product you need is not on the site then please call us and speak to our sales staff. Our product range is constantly evolving and continually adding new products to our rental pool. Just let us know what you require and for how long and we will try and help. 

I see what I need but require better specifications?
On many occasions we can provide upgrades to computer specifications. This can include RAM, graphics and storage. Please contact a member of our sales staff for further information. 

What if I need additional software?
Rent IT primarily supplies IT hardware with the specified operating system installed for that system. We can offer Microsoft Office at an additional cost. If you require additional free to obtain software to be installed please contact a member of our sales team and we shall endeavour to meet your requirements. 

I am unsure of my exact requirements?
If you are not sure which of our range of products is suitable then please call us. Our staff are able to offer advise on many aspects of our products and their applications. Based on what you need we can recommend suitable products. 

What type of companies do you rent to?
Due to the specialist nature of some our products we do tend to find ourselves represented more in some markets than others. A selection of the industries we provide for consist of the following:

  • Graphic design studios
  • Animation studios
  • CAD studios
  • Offshore markets
  • Marine markets
  • Training Companies

We are not restricted to these fields so please contact our sales team to allow us to try and meet your specific requirements. 


Understanding a Quote

What information will be in the quote?
Our quote will normally contain the following:

Pricing – You will be quoted in a daily, weekly and monthly rate depending on the length of rental. A combination of these allow a comparison to be made. All pricing excludes VAT at this point which is added at the end of the quotation.

Specification – A brief description of each quoted item will be included. This may be expanded further by either an attached specification sheet or link to our web site. In the case of a totally new piece of equipment we may include a link to a manufacturer’s web site or a more comprehensive description.

Consumables – When renting a printer or plotter this will be supplied with ink or toner. Any consumables used will be charged for based on the ml of ink or % or cartridge used. Price will be given for this based on overall cost of cartridge and any other consumables within the machine. For scanners, costs for items such as rollers may be included as they are regarded as consumables.

Delivery and Collection cost – This will normally be quoted as a total cost covering delivery and collection in most cases our standard delivery is Pre Noon. Other options are available however please speak to your sales contact for details.

Terms and Conditions – These are a brief outline of our terms and conditions, full details can be found on our web site.

Other items – Costs may be given for other items such as storage tapes or rolls of printer media. These may be on a sale or return basis. If they are opened, whether or not you have used them, you will be charged.

Our contact details – Just so you know who to place your order with.

How long a period can I rent for?
Rent IT offer rental terms from as short as 3 days up to 3 years. Within the first year we can quote for a rental period from 3 to 365 days. After this it is normally 2 or 3 year rentals. In most cases whatever your requirement we can quote a suitable rate.

Why can I not rent for one day?
We operate a three day minimum as this is often most practical for our clients. A one day rental would have your equipment arriving in the morning and being collected in the evening. Using standard couriers this is just not practical.

Do I pay for every day in a week?
Our week is seven days not five so you pay for every day even if the equipment is not required at the weekend.

What delivery options are available?
We use a number of different courier companies however deliveries can be roughly broken down as follows:

  • Standard next day – This can arrive at any time up to 5.30pm on day of delivery.
  • Pre Noon – Delivery will be made before Midday (Our normal service)
  • Pre 10.30am – Delivery before 10.30am.
  • Pre 9.00am – Please note that this could arrive any time after 7.00am.
  • Hotshot – This is a dedicated vehicle/driver delivering only your items direct to you. This offers the ultimate service but costs may run into £100’s and can exceed £1,000.00
  • Overseas – We can offer a variety of options both Road & Air for transportation of equipment into Europe and beyond. Cost varies considerably depending on time-scale and destination. Each requirement is quoted individually.

Can I get Insurance cover for equipment during rental?Due to present legislation we cannot provide any form of insurance cover for items on rental. This is an area we are constantly looking at and some level of service may be available in the future. At present you should ensure that you have existing cover through your buildings/content policies or arrange specific cover with your insurance broker. Remember you are responsible for safe keeping and return of our products. Failure to do so can result in charges for repair or replacement up to the full value of the product. 


Placing an Order

How do I place an order?
After receiving your quote orders are normally confirmed by E-Mail or Fax. In all cases some form of written confirmation of your requirements is preferred. This confirmation should include the following.

·         Details of equipment and/or quote number

·         Delivery & collection address

·         Confirmation of payment method.

Based on this we will advise whether we can meet your requirements and confirm costs to you.

Once availability is confirmed, new customers will receive an account application to complete, sign and return. The application and requested documents need to be returned irrespective of what method of payment is agreed upon and allows our accounts department to undertake some basic security checks. Once these checks have been approved by our accounts department payment may be taken and goods dispatched.

Existing customers who already have an account with us, either Pre Pay or credit, do not need to complete an account application and only a brief hire agreement is required to be completed and returned.

How do I pay for my order?

If you do not have an existing account with us then completion of an account application form is required irrespective of eventual method of payment.

A number of different methods are available.

30 day Credit Terms – In certain circumstances your account may be approved on credit terms immediately however some form of initial “up front” payment may be required. If your credit is not approved an alternative method of payment is required.

Payment by Credit card – Quickest and easiest method and is ideal for short term rental. Please note we do not accept American Express.

Payment by bank Transfer – Goods cannot be shipped until funds are cleared into our bank account.

Payment by cheque – As above goods will not be shipped until cheque has cleared our account.

Credit Account holders – If you have an existing Credit account then confirmation in writing and/or a purchase order number is sufficient.

When is payment taken?

For 30 day credit account holders you are invoiced on 30 day credit terms, subject to account status.

Payments by credit card are taken on the day of despatch in the majority of cases.

Payments by BACS and cheque must be made early enough to allow funds to clear before dispatch date. In the case of cheques a minimum off 7 working days is required

I need a specific timed delivery?

We can only provide deliveries based on the couriers standard terms. Timed deliveries/collections can sometimes be arranged but there will be an extra cost for this service.

If we cannot meet your specific delivery time then we recommend you choose an alternative delivery address where goods can be delivered, and collected, at the appropriate time.

I need delivery or collection from my exhibition stand.

Unfortunately this cannot be done. Couriers will not deliver into an exhibition hall and in many cases are not allowed to do so for security reasons. There are specific companies who will be on site to provide this service (at a cost) and if this is required you should contact them. Deliveries can be made to goods in areas, most exhibition halls will have such an area.

It is however your responsibility to locate this area and arrange transportation from Goods In to your stand.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that goods are securely packed and placed in an area from which our couriers can collect. Bear in mind that if goods cannot be collected on the agreed day then rental charge will continue.

For exhibition rentals it is recommended to rent items for a few days longer to allow delivery and collection from your premises where a higher level of security can be provided.

I would like delivery or collection from my hotel.

This can easily be arranged and is ideal for visitors from overseas. Upon departure it is useful if you can provide us with a contact name who will assume responsibility for the safe keeping of goods until collection.

Please bear in mind until goods have been collected you are responsible for them and if goods cannot be collected then rental costs will continue to be charged.

Can my delivery and collection address be different?

This is not a problem. Just let us know the required addresses for our couriers.

What if I need goods transported between venues?

If you cannot arrange transport yourself then we can arrange transport if you have a number of venues around the country. This will be at additional cost and you will be responsible for the correct packaging and labelling of the equipment.

An overall rental period is normally more cost effective than a number of short term rentals in these circumstances.

What if you cannot supply the equipment I require?

If at point of order we cannot supply the items required we will try and substitute these with an alternative product of equal or higher specification. This will be at no additional cost to you.

In the majority of cases once an order is placed and availability is confirmed there should be no problems. However circumstances can occur where even at this stage Rent IT reserves the right to supply a replacement product.

In these circumstances we would contact you to ensure the replacement product is suitable.

What happens if my requirements change?

If you have placed an order and need to change any details of the order please contact us as soon as possible. We will do as much as possible to meet you new circumstances but cannot guarantee to meet all requirements if these have changed considerably.

I need to cancel my order?

Provided your order has not shipped no costs will be charged.

If however your order has already been shipped then a minimum 3 day rental will be charged plus all carriage costs. Provided of course we can get the equipment back within 3 days.

When will my goods arrive?

This will depend on what delivery option you have chosen. If a pre-arranged timed delivery is not met please contact us as soon as possible so that we can investigate the situation.