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Advantages of IT Rental

IT rental is the solution to your equipment issues and we’ve put together a list of reasons why hiring is an advantage for your business.

Access to new equipment

Rental ensures that your organisation can access some of the latest technology and update this on a regular basis. Where your operation depends on performance of you computer systems such having the latest technology can mean the difference between being able to undertake a project or not, or perhaps more importantly the difference between undertaking that project on time and within budget or delivering late and exceeding budget. IT rental allows for cost effective replacement of equipment on a regular basis such as every 12 months.

Access to specific technology

Equipment rental can help when you need the special bit of IT equipment for a specific task. Often this might be an expensive system to purchase but it use will enable you to carry out a task or allow you do a task much more efficiently. An example of equipment from Rent IT would be our wide formats scanners. Ideal for archiving those older CAD drawings and allowing them to be stored electronically but once the task is completed there would be no further need for the hardware. Rent IT can provide the solution allowing rental of such system just for the period of your task thus providing a more cost effective solution.

Project Work

When opportunity knocks you need to move quickly to grab that opportunity. When that big graphic or animation job comes along how do you meet client expectations within the budget and within the timescale? When project work such as this comes along hardware rental can be an answer to one problem. Some of the latest “high end” Workstation can be rented from Rent for periods as short as 3 days. Not only is this availability an advantage but with known rental costs accurate budgeting for your project becomes a breeze!

Cash flow Advantages

Those who have run any kind of business knows that whilst lack of work is an issue too much work can also be a problem especially where considerable upfront investment is required. Cash flow is what makes your business tick and without positive cash flow things will quickly start going wrong. With long term rental paid monthly Rent IT can help make your business a success by ensuring you can access some of the latest IT hardware immediately for a cost effective affordable monthly payment.


Unlike many lease arrangements Rent IT does not tie you into a long term rental arrangements with no flexibility. All rental arrangements can be altered to suit your changing business environment, shortened or lengthened, as required. After all who can predict how your business will change in the next year never mind the next six months! IT equipment rental gives you that flexibility to operate within constantly changing business environment.

Tax incentives

Always worth checking with your accountant first as tax rules are forever changing, but in general there are considerable tax advantages for companies when taking on rental/lease as opposed to outright purchase. In most cases rental charges have 100% tax relief compared to a far lower percentage of tax relief on purchased equipment. And of course with rental you have no depreciation costs to contend with which with the rapid depreciation curve seen by the majority of IT equipment this can become a major cost on your company accounts pretty quickly.


Got a heap of spare equipment in a cupboard somewhere? If so then the issue of equipment failure and replacement does not really become an issue. But then how many of us can afford to have “spare” equipment sitting around, especially where this could be expensive systems such as Apple products. Getting the most out of our investments means making full use of them and a machine not being used is a machine loosing money. But of course what if a failure does occur? What if that vital Apple Mac Pro fails right in the middle of a time critical project? Of course machines can come with warranties but often this can mean you machine being away for days (weeks?) awaiting repair and return. And what does your expensive member of staff do meantime? With IT equipment rental from Rent IT support comes as standard and that support can often mean a replacement machine delivered to you within 24 hours – no waiting around for a warranty repair – just a quick and simple replacement system allowing you to continue to work, and earn money, with the minimum of delay.


We have mentioned the advantages of rental in undertaking budgeting for short-term projects but how about the “big picture” how does computer & IT rental benefit overall company budgeting? Straight away on day one of your rental you have an advantage over purchase – need £20K of computers – there they are and what’s more you still have your £20K cash in the bank (or perhaps less your 1st months rental) You know exactly what your cost are going to be each month over the next 12, 24 or 36 months. Changes in lending rates will not affect you, overdraft rates changes will not affect you (and of course you still have most of your £20K!) and if circumstances change so can your rental arrangement with Rent IT. When it comes to you business plan IT rental can inject some stability into your costs now and in the future and allows you to keep that hard earned cash in the bank for a rainy day or some more worthwhile cause.

The little extras

Here at Rent IT we value our clients and strive to offer our clients just that little bit extra which ensures they come back time and time again – as many do. When you call Rent IT your sales contact will probably have a good understanding of your requirements but when things become a bit more in-depth then we have engineers here to assist and discuss your requirements. As we design and build many of our computer systems, we believe unique in the rental market, our products can be “tweaked” to meet you exact requirements. A bit more RAM? Extra hard drive? A higher spec graphics card? All these options can be provided by Rent IT or even custom design of a machine specifically for your application. Alternatively for training courses if you want to save some time on site then Rent IT can pre-install your software to your machines are “ready to go” upon arrival – this can make all the difference between perhaps a 3 day rental or a 4 day rental where the extra day is required to set up your machines saving you time and money.

So there you have it. Plenty of reasons that you should get in touch with the team at Rent IT if you’re looking to solve all of your tech problems.

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