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Alto Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - Now Available

The Alto TS112W is a powerful self-contained PA speaker which takes advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology to link speaker with sound source. By eliminating the traditional cabling between your source and the speaker installation timescale is reduced, speaker positioning is more flexible and the trip hazard of trailing cables is virtually eliminated.

Of course connecting wirelessly by Bluetooth brings further major benefits. By employing the Bluetooth facility built into many laptops, smart phones and tablets allows the user to connect directly to these speakers. A typical scenario might be a presentation where a projector is being used in conjunction with a laptop. Elimination of cabling between laptop and speakers greatly speeds up installation and removal and by employing professional PA products for this application ensures a clear and concise presentation to the viewers rather than relying on the small and underpowered speakers often found on Laptops and projectors.

Of course the TS112W speakers can also be used in a more traditional cabled environment and include two microphone/line combo inputs to allow mixing of sources such as microphones or other sound source. Even in this type of application some cabling can eliminated as whilst one “Master” speaker is wired your second speaker can still be linked by Bluetooth to eliminate any possible installation issues that might occur with traditional wired speakers.

These Alto speakers can be floor mounted but are also fitted with pole mounts and threaded inserts for flying. Rent IT can offer the option of floor stands allowing units to be deployed well above head height to maximise audio distribution.

Of course your audio source may not have Bluetooth capability. Typically this could be a DVD or video player, satellite or cable box, amplifier or older laptop. In these cases you could resort to traditional PA practise and run a few wires. However here at Rent IT we feel this is somewhat a backward step in today’s technological world. To eliminate this Rent IT offers with every speaker (or pair of speakers) a Bluetooth transmitter. This is connected to your source via a short cable and then undertakes the Bluetooth transmission to the speakers. This allows you to take advantage of this modern technology even with your legacy equipment. This facility may also be of advantage where your source is located away from the speakers or needs to be “locked down” out of sight, such as at an exhibition.

Sales Manager, Hamish Forbes, commented:

“With equipment rental, installations are often temporary and in widely varied locations – not always the most suitable locations! With these wireless speakers installation is far quicker and gives greater flexibility of placement with virtual elimination of the Health & Safety issue associated with trailing wires & speaker cables. A major advantage for any AV installer”

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