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Computer Rental - The Greener Option

But what about the IT equipment your business uses?

We know our resources are finite and that we should all reuse wherever possible – but many companies are at the cutting edge of development. You need the latest and most powerful technology to keep ahead of the competitors.

Sometimes the rapid progress in IT development means the replacement cycle could be as little as 12 months.

The clear answer to this is computer rental. Why?

  • Update your equipment regularly guilt-free
  • Save time wiping memories
  • Save time and effort recycling or disposing of cumbersome equipment
  • Save the hassle of organising the sale of old equipment
  • Cashflow-efficient monthly payments – no huge bills!

Remember that not every company requires cutting edge technology. Your business may require the fastest processor and largest memory on the market, other businesses do not. At Rent IT we cater for a whole range of clients for whom a year old computer is more than sufficient for their requirements. We take your “old” equipment, refurbish it and recycle it with the next Rent IT client.

This process can happen a number of times during the life cycle of the average rental computer. Every client along the way benefits from renting the level of technology they require for the price they want to pay. The big bonus is the knowledge they have helped reduce the burden of electronic waste that is threatening to engulf us.

You may wonder if reliability is a concern when machines are reused – we can assure you, it is not!

As well as the full refurbishment and testing of equipment prior to supply, every rental from Rent IT comes with complete support. This is irrespective of any warranty period and we don’t charge extra for extended warranties, Applecare or any such additional services.

Even when the computer system does eventually come to the end of its life we have a number of solutions:

  • Working systems are disposed of via eBay, providing a superb bargain to many possible users
  • Failed systems are sold via eBay where they can help keep other machines running
  • Parts are disposed of via registered outlets who will even at this stage undertake to recover as much re-cycled material as possible.

So by opting to rent your IT equipment, you’re not only meeting your demand for the latest technology, you can also be happy that you’re being green!

You can balance your business needs with the reality of having to update your equipment regularly – and it doesn’t cost the earth.

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