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MK IV Workstation - The Latest Addition

Rent IT has a long history of building hire PCs small and large for a variety of market sectors. The MK IV is our latest hire workstation to address the performance requirements of virtual reality , photogrammetry , video creation , animation and data processing – and gaming!


The processor of choice is the Intel Core i7 5930k (water cooled)with 6 physical cores running at 3.5Ghz , providing good cost versus performance and core speed verses number of cores. The chosen motherboard is an Asus X99 Deluxe USB3.1 which incorporates DDR4 memory support up to 64GB over 8 sockets (standard build has 32GB), dual gigabit networking, USB 3.1 ports and support for M2 solid state drives which is populated with a Samsung SM951 SSD capable of 2150MB/s read. Graphics is covered with a nVidia GTX 980ti 6GB card ideal for Virtual Reality , 4k video , gaming and processing that can utilise the 2816 cuda cores. And if more graphics performance is required we can a second (or third) GTX980ti in Sli. The Lian case provides excellent cooling with 2 x 12cm inlet fans at the front and 1 x 12cm exit fan at the rear and if bulk storage is required up to an additional 5 x 3.5” hard drives can be installed in the quick fit rack.

  • Intel core i7 5930k 6 core @ 3.5Ghz
  • Asus X99 deluxe USB3.1 motherboard
  • 32GB DDR4 memory in quad bank configuration
  • 256GB SM951 M2 solid state drive for OS
  • 2TB 3.5” 7200 rpm for data
  • nVidia GTX980ti 6Gb graphics card
  • DVD rewriter
  • Lian Aluminium Case – 3 x 12cm fans
  • 1000 watt PSU
  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


When a new PC model is in development our engineers at Rent IT squeeze as much performance from the platform, without affecting reliability. This process also ensures that there is always a performance progress from our older models to the new models


  • CPU Dhrystones 191 4% faster
  • CPU Whetsones 159 20% faster
  • Memory 50.8 20% faster
  • Hard drive read speed 2150 MB/s 299% faster than Mk3
  • 3D Mark 11 15303 70% faster
  • PC mark 08 CL enabled 4761 10% faster

When compared to the benchmark results from our other PCs at it can be seen that the new MK IV workstation beat the previous models on all aspects. - View Benchmark Results


The Rent IT MK IV Workstation is a natural progression to the Workstation range. Massive performance gains have been achieved with regards to hard drive speed and graphics, with smaller gains on other aspects. Despite higher performance, noise has kept to a minimum at idle and at full load. With the inclusion of the nvidia GTX 980ti this workstation is an ideal platform for Virtual Reality applications.

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