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New MK3 Workstation Released Into The Wild!

Are you a power user?

Maybe you work with animation or video or create other media – or maybe you just need a whole lot of processing speed and memory from your workstation.

Well, we’re excited to tell you we have just released the MK3 workstation into the wild! It is now available to rent for as little as three days – or for longer periods – however long you need.

The spec is impressive (more on that later) but we don’t like to just take things at face value here at Rent IT. We like to make our machines prove their mettle.

Our engineers have spent a couple of weeks testing, tweaking, overclocking, benchmarking and generally pushing these workstations to their limits.

Intel’s CPU soak test programme said it could perform at 56 degrees below maximum – we decided that meant there was enough thermal margin to play with to mildly overclock the CPU to 4GHz (that means turbo) as standard. It still passed all the tests and benchmarks. We know reliability is a Big Thing for our clients, so we want to be able to assure them it will work from the first to last day of rental without a problem.

We also know how important the memory is. Four 8GB modules are installed – they’re rated to 2400MHz, but run as standard at 1866MHz. We noticed, during our testing, that the motherboard defaulted to running the memory at a pretty slow 1333MHz in quad bank formation – so we increased it to 1866MHz. This immediately brought a 28% speed increase. We could improve on this even further by turning up the memory frequency to 2133MHz – this gave a 14% improvement – and proved stable – but we’re happy to ship the workstations for rental at a standard 1866MHz.

Graphics cards can make or break a workstation (depending on the software). Enter the nVidia GTX 780Ti! It gives an incredible performance boost to software that is CUDA-enabled, as it has 2880 streaming processors and 336GB of memory bandwidth. We hear it’s also pretty good for playing games – especially if you have two of the bad boys in SLi mode. (We checked – our engineers played games for a week in a darkened room!)

Excited? We are!

Our MK3 workstation is available NOW for short and long term rentals. Please contact us should you require alternatives on any of the hardware options.

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