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Photogrammetry – How many USB cameras?

Photogrammetry is the science of using photographs to make measurements and also to create models of real life objects and people. Applications for this 3D scanning technique include movies requiring CGI effects, games and virtual reality. Photogrammetry can use up to 120 cameras positioned to provide 360 degrees coverage, synchronised photographs from all 120 cameras are processed with photogrammetric software to produce computer models of the object.

Infinite- Realities – approached us with their requirement to connect 120 cameras to as few PCs as possible, in order to take these synchronised photographs. The Windows error message “Not enough USB controller recourses” seemed to pop up on a regular basis when testing various motherboard and driver combinations when connecting more that 8 or 9 cameras. Once the resource brickwall is reached no more USB devices would be recognised.

Finally our engineers had a break through moment using an Asus Motherboard with on board USB 3.1 ports, Windows 8.1 and a rolled back driver several revisions old. The picture shows 30 Canon Cameras all connected to one single USB 3.1 port of our current 1u rackmount PC. Full camera control of all 30 cameras had been achieved and up to 7 fast shot photos in RAW format could be taken in succession before the Canon cameras complained of “buffer full”. What appeared initially to be a simple “10 minute job” request has finally been resolved after 3 weeks trial and error.

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