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Rent the new Apple Mac Pro from Rent IT

It’s been a long wait, but our sales and engineering staff are unanimous that it’s been worth it. We’ve even gone straight in at the top end of the range, bypassing the base Quad core unit with 12Gb RAM and going straight to the impressive 6 core unit with 16Gb RAM and dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics cards.

Its striking design has got everyone talking, but this petite shiny cylinder contains a powerhouse of memory and processors. If you work with video editing, 3D modeling and animation, large images, design or large amounts of data of any kind, the Mac Pro will make your working life faster and easier.

It has the ability to link up to three 4K screens, daisy-chain up to 36 devices and features connections for all kinds of peripherals (Thunderbolt 2, HDMI, USB3, Gigabit Ethernet).  Full product reviews can be read here, here and here.

This latest offering from Apple does not come cheap, and many buyers have been waiting months for delivery. Renting the new Mac Pro from Rent IT is the perfect option for companies who wish to manage cashflow – and we can fulfill orders within 24 hours. No waiting around, no huge payouts, just a quick and simple way to vastly improve your company’s performance

We always recommend renting as a cost-effective way for businesses to manage their IT products. This is more efficient than ever when you’re dealing with a high value item like the new Mac Pro.

You will receive:

  • immediate access to the latest technology (especially when it’s not “off the shelf”)
  • access to equipment only when you require it at a known cost – ideal for project work.
  • Beneficial cash flow for long-term rentals
  • The flexibility to extend or shorten the rental period to suit your changing business environment.

We are expecting a very high demand from existing customers and anticipate our stock becoming limited within a short timescale. If this impressive piece of kit has already seduced you, you’d better be quick!

If you are excited by the potential difference the new Mac Pro could make to your company, or have a project coming up which will require additional IT equipment, please drop us a line. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you get your hands on the new Mac Pro as soon as tomorrow.

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