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What did your PC do today?

What do you need a PC for?

Office use? Training?

These are the normal uses of our computers when we receive an order through, but there having been in the industry for many years now, we have seen some much more interesting applications.

Here is a few examples of unusual places our computer builds have been used:-

  • Built into a underwater pod controlling and storing photographs and video of the seafloor at 6000m depth.
  • Placed in a Tin shack, in the desert at 50 degrees in the shade to store and transmit vital environmental data.
  • Remote workstation with crafty chess program playing against chess Grandmaster Kiril Georgiev. (Rent It’s little “Big Blue”)
  • Banks of PCs used to render movies and adverts.
  • Props for Movies and TV series.
  • Used to control work class ROVs
  • Assisting with the development of formula 1 cars

So there you have it. Not all PC hire orders are as plain as needed

If you need PCs for training courses, or perhaps something a little different, contact us. Maybe we have already done it.

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